The Digital Product Passport: A Prisoner’s Dilemma and How We Solve It

Less than nine percent. That is currently the degree to which the global economy is circular, as the 2022 Circularity GAP Report shows. For humanity to have a future on this planet, we need to at least double this figure. And fast. But for now, the development is stagnant at best, trending downward at worst. In my last […]

Principle of Folding or How We Can Grow Sustainably

On average, people across all social classes live in better conditions today than ever before. Growth has been a major factor for that: growth of the economy, of technological capabilities, of knowledge. But these days, the dark side of humankind’s drive to grow also shows its face in an unmistakable way: Russia has invaded a […]

More Autonomous, Greener, Complex, Faster, and More Flexible

How Supply Chain Management will Change by 2040 This year, iPoint is celebrating its 20th anniversary – time to reflect on the origins of our success and at the same time look ahead to the next 20 years. Since 2001, it has been the pioneer spirit which shapes and characterizes our daily work. The impact of […]

Glocalization – An Opportunity to Recover our Economy from COVID-19

The outbreak of the coronavirus has changed our daily lives dramatically. To contain the worldwide spread of the virus, we stayed at home, reduced our private and business travels, and worked remotely, while staying connected with the help of technology. Living much more locally, but with greater global awareness – this is the concept of […]